I Spy a Tom in Úbeda (Take 2)

A few weeks ago, Tom came to visit me…again! We thought that coming out to Spain once was an achievement so twice was a bonus. Úbeda’s not exactly the easiest place to get to, as it’s nowhere near an airport. Last time we fit in as much sightseeing as possible, so Tom had already seen everything there was to see in Úbeda, Baeza, Cazorla and Granada. This visit was going to be different, since there was no pressure to sightsee. All we wanted to do was eat hummus, watch Modern Family and go out for drinks and tapas.

And we did just that. As it happens, it did turn out to be quite busy. Highlights include:

  • Hosting a paella night in the flat. This was our first-time cooking paella – we spent the day watching YouTube videos trying to work out the perfect recipe. It was a stressful process, but we didn’t do too badly in the end. The paella was soon forgotten as we went on to finish an entire litre bottle of gin between the four of us. It’s safe to say we all suffered the next day. Totally worth it though.
  • The day after the paella night – Córdoba. This day trip had already been planned, so in hindsight it wasn’t wise to drink a lot the night before. The patio festival in Córdoba is a competition where people decorate their courtyards to win prestigious awards. They are dotted around the old town and tourists are free to visit them all. We went to one patio. Then had lunch at Moriles. Then walked around some more. Then went home. We essentially went to Córdoba to eat and come home. It was a hard day, but also totally worth it for the food.
  • A day trip to Baeza. As it happens, Mackenzie and Becky had friends visiting at the same time. Tom, Amanda and Caroline all came to Baeza and I showed them the town before Mackenzie and Becky joined us after work for lunch. Baeza is even smaller than Úbeda, so it didn’t take us long to see everything we needed to. Basically, once we finished we had a lot of spare time to kill the time waiting for Mackenzie and Becky to arrive. So, what did we do? Have drinks in the sun, of course.
  • Oh yeah and last one, it’ no biggie – Tom got a first in his dissertation and film modules!! He received the good news on his last day here, so of course we went out to celebrate that night with tintos and tapas. He has since found out that overall, HE GOT A FIRST IN HIS DEGREE!! Tom really did work hard for this and the results paid off. What a way to end the holiday. I’m so impressed and proud. Well done Tom!

I can safely say that it was a successful trip – a lot of hummus was eaten, a lot of modern family was watched and there were plenty of tapas trips. And all that topped off with great news at the end. It was the perfect week. Thank you Tom for visiting me again. I had the best time x