The Zombie Experience

So, something kinda cool happened in Úbeda. The Zombie Experience. I think this needs a little explaining. Unlike the usual festivities that happen almost every week in Spain, this one has nothing to do with crucifixes, virgins, repentance or religion. Nada. This is pure, unadulterated fun (mixed with a little paranoia and exercise, but that’s… Continue reading The Zombie Experience


As one of the best days of the year, this called for a quick blog post! Today is Pancake Day and it also happens to be Andalucía Day here in Spain. So in classic Spanish style everything is closed due to the festivities. We got home really late last night from a weekend and couldn’t get ingredients since… Continue reading PANCAKE DAY

Going to the Hairdressers in Spain!

WARNING: Girly post below! Being unorganised, I didn’t book myself a hair appointment for when I was back in the UK during the holidays. To be fair, I didn’t want to waste an entire afternoon out of my short time at home in a salon (it really does take that long, I’ve been in the… Continue reading Going to the Hairdressers in Spain!

Mini Update – I made tortilla!

Okay, I’m not getting really excited to write a blog post about making flat bread. When I say tortilla, I mean Spanish tortilla, which is basically a huge round omelette with potatoes and/or onions. It can be eaten cold or hot and it’s usually served as a tapa in restaurants and bars. I wrote about… Continue reading Mini Update – I made tortilla!